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January 2015


The Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow established the Scottish Genomes Partnership with a £15m investment.


10 state-of-the-art Illumina HiSeq X genome sequencing instruments were purchased and installed at Edinburgh Genomics and the Glasgow Precision Oncology Laboratory.

February 2016

The Scottish Genomes Partnership received £6m in research funding from Scotland’s Chief Scientist Office (£4m) and the UK’s Medical Research Council (£2m), creating a pan-Scotland research partnership.


This funding brought significant research opportunities, including major collaborations with Genomics England and AstraZeneca.

With this funding, scientists explored causes of central nervous system disorders, developmental disorders, and cancer, as well as examining genes which influence risk factors for common, complex diseases in a Scottish population.

September 2018

Following on from the SGP research, the Scottish Government announced a £4.2m investment in genomics services as part of its Programme for Government 2018-19.

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