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SGP Project Manager designs and creates handwoven textiles inspired by genetics and data

"I design and create handwoven textiles that take inspiration from data, encoding information within them. Genetics is one of the main sources of inspiration for my work, where the pieces created are informed by DNA sequences."

Dr Lynne Hocking-Mennie, SGP Project Manager - NHS Rare Diseases, University of Aberdeen

4th December 2019

Front cover of Genetics in Medicine features DNA sequence weaving

The Christmas holiday season is nearly here and in the spirit of the season and winter cosiness, the Scottish Genomes Partnership team was delighted to see an example of a handwoven DNA sequence, designed and created by Lynne Hocking-Mennie, our NHS Rare Diseases Project Manager, on this month’s cover of Genetics in Medicine. The image is taken from a blanket and encodes the DNA sequence for the MHY6 gene (myosin heavy chain 6), which is found on Chromosome 14 and involved in cardiac muscle contraction.

Lynne works almost full time for the Scottish Genomes Partnership, overseeing the day-to-day management of Scottish participation in the 100,000 Genomes project, as well as preparations for further whole genome sequencing research in NHS Scotland with Genomics England during 2020. But the rest of the time she is Lynne’s Loom where scientific data become handwoven textiles.

20191204 LynnesLoom - Genetics in Medici

Sequence: Contract encodes the DNA sequence for the MHY6 gene

As well as having trained and worked as a scientist for many years, Lynne comes from a long line of Scottish weavers – at least seven generations have been involved in the trade. She is currently developing a project on Intergenerational Connections which combines her family history of weaving with her previous research in human genetics, and a desire to engage local communities with their heritage in different ways. This project is in the Research & Development stage, with funding from Aberdeen City Council Creative Funding.

More of Lynne’s work can be found on and on Instagram (@lynnesloom).

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