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Miles Briggs MSP visit to Edinburgh Genomics underlines support for advanced genomic technologies

"A really enjoyable and interesting visit to The Roslin Institute to learn about the exciting developments in genomics and how the Edinburgh City Deal can help take forward Scotland's world-leading Biotechnology and Biological Research Institute."

Miles Briggs, Conservative MSP for Lothian

19th February 2018

Miles Briggs MSP visits the Edinburgh Genomics next generation sequencing facility

Miles Briggs MSP visited The Roslin Institute to see the ground-breaking sequencing technology used by Edinburgh Genomics and learn more about how it is used in the NHS and wider agricultural research.

The visit was planned following Briggs' tabling of a motion in the Scottish Parliament in September 2017, which highlighted Edinburgh Genomics as the first site in Scotland to acquire the new NovaSeq 6000 system from Illumina. His motion highlighted the support given by Briggs and other MSPs for the use of genomic technology in Scotland.

The new Illumina technology makes it possible to study the genetics of any species, including bacteria, viruses and plants.  With this technology, the University of Edinburgh’s Edinburgh Genomics facility will continue to make great strides in genetic sequencing. 

Miles Briggs MSP visits Edinburgh Genomics, Scottish Genomes Partnership

Miles Briggs (right of banner) was welcomed to Edinburgh Genomics by (L to R): Joel Fearnley (COO, Edinburgh Genomics), Bruce Whitelaw (Chair, Edinburgh Genomics), Wendy Inglis Humphrey (SGP Project Manager), Mary Porteous (SE Scotland Genetic Service), Javier Santoyo-Lopez (Facility Manager, Edinburgh Genomics Clinical Division), and Cathlene Eland (Team Lead Laboratory Operations, Edinburgh Genomics)

Miles Briggs MSP visits Edinburgh Genomics, Javier Santoyo-Lopez, Bruce Whitelaw

Dr Javier Santoyo-Lopez explains to Miles Briggs MSP how the sequencing facilities at the Roslin Institute operate.

Miles Briggs MSP visits Edinburgh Genomics, Scottish Genomes Partnership
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