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SGP responds to House of Commons inquiry on Genomics

"The development of genomics in Scotland has seen a step change in the last 3 years through the establishment of the Scottish Genomes Partnership, which is a close partnership between Scottish Universities and NHS Scotland."

excerpt from response to the Genomics and Genome Editing Inquiry

12th October 2017

House of Commons Science & Technology Committee Inquiry on Genomics and Genome Editing


The Scottish Genomes Partnership (SGP) has submitted written evidence to the House of Commons Science & Technology Committee inquiry on Genomics and genomic editing in the NHS.

This inquiry examines the Chief Medical Officer for England's (Dame Sally Davies) call in her latest annual report, 'Generation Genome', for mainstreaming genomic medicine in the NHS within 5 years. It takes forward an interim report from the previous Committee and the evidence received before the UK General Election. The Committee specifically sought input to this inquiry from the devolved nations of the UK, in order to understand how barriers may differ across the UK.
More information about the current inquiry can be found here.

In its response, the SGP outlines the step change made in developing genomics in Scotland in the last 3 years, through major investment in sequencing technology by Scottish Universities, cutting edge academic research projects and the important collaboration between NHS Scotland and Genomics England. The SGP team has worked closely with the NHS Scotland Scottish Genetics Consortium to support strategic planning and decision-making. Research funding currently available through the SGP is being used to upskill the workforce for genome analysis and interpretation, but the SGP response to the inquiry highlights the significant skills and training gaps in patient-facing, scientific and genomic analysis roles within NHS Scotland which need to be addressed urgently. The full SGP submission can be read here.

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